Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Entry Project Completed!

Remember this inspiration photo from this post back in October?  Well... last weekend, I tackled this project!  I'd totally encourage you to go for this project too if you're inspired.  It really only took a few hours.

Here's how it went.

The "before"

(After some careful measuring and use of a very handy laser level,
we're ready to paint!)

(The acutal painting took only about 20-30 minutes!)

(VOILA!  I LOVE the stripes!)

(The "after" with our hooks)

( I love seeing this everyday!  Beautiful, happy and practical!
It's all about elevating the everyday right?  )  :)

I love the finished product, but I have to admit we had a few snags in our game plan.  I don't know about you, but sometimes working with a spouse on home improvement projects can pose some challenges.  (especially, when you're married to someone who's constantly redecorating!)  :P 

I came across this amusing post written by a husband of a designer.  Click here for the full post from emilyaclark.blogspot.com  I've highlighted the ones that my husband would particularly appreciate it.  This ones for you!  :)

With this in mind I thought I would give you my two cents on how to be happily married to a designer or to someone who wants their house to look nice. For those of you who are married I thought maybe you can share this with your spouse:

1. Don’t get attached to anything….furniture, prints, paint color, etc.
2. Don’t ask why every lamp in the house is on….and don’t start talking about the peaks in the electricity bill when all the lights are on.
3. Pillows are not for comfort…….if the pillows on the couch are strategically placed, chopped in the middle and fluffed - Sit on the floor!
4. If she asks do you notice anything different?… First look at her hair, then start looking at the wall for new pictures or paint color…. Or in my case, I ask my six-year-old because he is much more observant than I am.
5. If she needs help drawing straight lines, don’t just eyeball it and use a pen to mark on the wall… get a long level and use a pencil…..lesson learned.
6. If she is intently staring at a blank wall, don’t make any plans for the weekend.
7. Be prepared to go anywhere at anytime to retrieve a great Goodwill or Craigslist find and don’t question how ugly it is. You might also want to take some security with you. You should see some of the places Emily has sent me for a bargain.
8. Don’t just invite people into your house without having at a minimum a weeks notice….not even the guys.
9. A garage is not for parking. It’s for goodwill and craigslist finds that need to be sanded and painted.
10. Just go with it…whatever color, whatever frame, whatever idea….because it will again change sometime in the near future.


Kristi said...

Great Job! I love that you've given character to an ordinary hallway. Cute backpack too!

Lys said...

that would make me smile every time i walked by, too! nice results!!

peanutmama said...

Wow! Nicely done! Makes me want to paint my own space as well!

picketfencedesign said...

THANKS! Truly... this is an easy project, anyone can do it!


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