Friday, December 3, 2010

IKEA FRIDAYS - Meet MJOD and friends

Many of you will be entertaining for the holidays.  I know glassware is such an everyday item.  Many people problem wouldn't give a second thought to them.  For me, these are exactly the types of things that I spend time researching.  Remember, it's not the fancy stuff that I'm most interested in... it's the everyday!  :)  Here are a few of my favorite glassware pieces from IKEA!

First, meet MJOD.  I love how versatile these can be!  Fancy enough for special occasions, but not too delicate for everyday use.  The stem at the bottom is great for attaching wine charms or even making personal tags of your own for each guest.  These are great for wine, punch, champagne, juice, even water.  6 for $9.99!  Not bad!  


Next up, I love these POKAL glasses for everyday use!  So reminiscent of glasses used in french bistros.  Places like Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma both carry similiar versions of this glass.  You can't beat $.59 each though! 


SLOM - Everything looks better served in a glass bottle.  I love going to restaurants where they serve  ice water in one of these.  So... I copied them and do the same thing at home.  I love leaving a couple of these out, prechilled, for ice water.  So fancy... so everyday!  :)  $2.99 each!


Lastly, meet LEENDE.  Wouldn't this be great for juice?   Tons more attractive than the plastic carton!  $9.99.  And when you're not using it for juice... it's perfect for fresh flowers!


There you have it!  Simple items that really do elevate the everyday! 
Off to the craft fair!  See you Monday!

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