Monday, December 6, 2010

WHY IT WORKS - Christmas!

I have to admit, I feel a little hesitant posting my own photos as inspiration photos this week.  As with many people, I feel like my spaces are always a work in process and they get better and better with time.  But, many of you have also commented how you really enjoy seeing my own personal projects and rooms.  So... here goes!


Our garland going up our staircase

For our tree this year, I tied glass ornaments in 3s
with lime green ribbon

Faux branches covered in snow and tied with
the same lime green ribbon

One of my favorite things! 

Another one of my favorites!  I carted these 2 back from Italy!


  • EDIT!  You don't have to put EVERYTHING out!  This is something I'm working on too.  Especially with holiday decor that you only get to put out once a year, we have a tendency to want to display everything!  So display prudently and selectively.  It will make what you do put out that much more special and there's always next year.
  • Color palette.  Things look more cohesive if they relate to each other.  This year, I really wanted to highlight lime/moss green, one of my favorite colors.  An easy way to do this is with ribbon.  You can incorporate ribbon in so many ways and you only need to invest in one bolt.  Use it as a garland on your tree and mantle, tie bows on a wreath, and hang your ornaments with the same ribbon.  It really makes everything look put together.  
  • Find inspiration NOW and shop LATER.  Again, good design does not have to cost a lot of money.  I'd say 90% of my Christmas decorations were purchased after Christmas, marked down at least 50% off.  So start looking at things that you love and get ready to go out there after Christmas!
  • Buy basics.  I love great design, but I want to be practical too.  When I'm buying ornaments or other decorative objects, I try to stick with silver or gold.  I love mercuy glass too!  Silver and gold will never go out of style and you can easily use them throughout the year.  One year, when I was starting to build my collection, everything I bought was gold, silver or lime green.  For example, get basic candle holders and you can change the color of the candles each year, basic ornaments and change the ribbons each year, basic pots and vases and change the color of the flowers or greenery each year. 
In the midst of all the projects and running around that comes during this season, I hope you're able to slow down and enjoy all the beauty around you.  It truly is a magical time of year.


Amy N. said...

Oh Cathy, I'd like to come visit your house...so festive & thoughtful! You pay so much attention to the details which makes the decors astonishingly unique. I bet the kids love it :)

Kristi said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures. I love how you've really made your home festive, fun and created a magical place for your family to enjoy..without having to leave your home!I love seeing how you incorporate design in your own home! Have a very merry christmas!

picketfencedesign said...

Thanks for your great feedback friends!


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