Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Craft Fair

I'm excited to be checking out this craft fair this weekend.  If you're in the Seattle area, this is a great one to check out!  I love how crafting has become a bit "cooler" in recent years... either that or I'm just getting older.  :P  Seriously though... you'll find really cool pieces of artwork, home decor, clothing, jewelery, food and all sorts of real cool stuff for your home.  All of it is handmade locally.  I love the idea of supporting local artists pursuing their passion!  And this is the kind of fair that has items all price points.  I really don't like going to art shows where everything is out of my price range.  No fun!  :P 

So...  if you have time this weekend, check it out.  Most of the artists there also have etsy sites, so next week I'll be sure to post some of my favorites!

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