Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Playroom

I've gotten a lot of feedback about how you really enjoy seeing real rooms and real projects on this blog.  So here's a little tour of one of the busiest rooms in our house, our playroom.

We're lucky enough to have a guest room right off of the main living area.  The first thing we did was paint the whole room which changed things dramatically.  Nothing in this room was big ticket, many items are from Ikea, the cabinet is mine from my childhood. 

One of my favorite changes in this room is adding the track light on each side of the large window.  The additional lighting really warms up the room.  The one overhead light just didn't cut it. 

Hope you enjoy the photos!

**  Disclaimers  **

No, the playroom does not look like this regularly, although we try. 
Yes, the toys always come out of the playroom and in they go again.  :)

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