Friday, February 11, 2011

IKEA FRIDAY - Meet the DUKTIG workbench

I love simple, classic toys that allows kids to use their imagination.  Even better if no batteries are required.  :)

I was thrilled when IKEA came out with DUKTIG kitchen last year.  Now, I'm happy that they've come out with a little companion to the kitchen, a work bench.  A work bench and a kitchen are the 2 big toys that we've invested in with our 3 kids and boy have we gotten a lot of use out of them! 

This workbench is great.  Simple and plenty of room and holes for banging around.  Exactly what the kids want to do with it!  :)

DUKTIG Work Bench  - $79.99

Don't forget the tool box for $6.99!

And my favorite part of the whole collection, this ADORABLE tool belt for $4.99

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