Monday, February 21, 2011

Why It Works - Taking Risks

Hello!  Happy Monday!  I came across this photo and was reminded that good design really means taking a risk.  This room may not seem edgey to many of you, but for me, an everyday decorator, I was was inspired by the boldness of the artwork and rug.  Any room that makes you say "wow", evokes that response because it has something unexpected.  I love how Candice Olson puts it, "good design is knowing the rules and knowing when to break them".

(via lonnymag.com)


  • Artwork.  Go BIG!  What sings to you?  Buy it big or blow it up.
  • Rug.  Black and white works.  I can't take my eyes off the rug.  I like how they paired a graphic rug with a glass coffee table so that it doesn't take away from the pattern. 
  • Mantle styling.  Here's a great inspiration for how to style a mantle.  A big, beautiful mirror and simple candle sticks.  Elegant and chic.


  • In a world full of beautiful patterns and colors, black and white STILL works!  White walls and black accents.  Easy to do.  Notice the touches of black are spread throughout the room to keep your eye moving around the whole space.
  • Bold prints/photos in simple frames.  The RIBBA frame from IKEA is my go to wall frame.  They are affordable, simple and clean.  Large wall frames can get very pricey.
  • When you go bold with one element, it works to keep everything else simple.  Notice there aren't many tschochkes to distract the eye.  In other words, EDIT.

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