Monday, February 14, 2011

WHY IT WORKS - An Eclectic Modern Design

When I saw this room on Martha, it brought a smile to my face.  There is so much in this room to love.  Hopefully it brings a smile to your face too, on this Valentine's Day.  Smooches.  :)

(via marthastewart.com)


  • Color.  What a great palette!  Yellow, apricot, and white.
  • Architectural detail.  The use of sawn balusters is genius!  (BTW... I didn't know what sawn balusters were, after some research... they are the decorative pieces used mostly for porch railings.  Here's a good resource.)
  • Graphic patterns.  I'm partial to bold graphics, particularly classic lines that won't go out of style.

  • Yelllow.  I love a yellow room, but you do have to be careful with the shade you choose.  I haven't been able to get yellow quite right.  As with any color, it's best to do a test patch of it, no matter how sure you are of the color.  I tried yellow walls for my sons' room and I had to have the whole room repainted.  It was so bright, I could hardly walk in!  If you have a yellow you like, my advice is to go one shade lighter and always do a test.  It's worth it!
  • White.  Anytime you use a bold color or pattern in a room, temper it with white.  And have the white spread throughout the room.  It's easy to do with paint on millwork and ceilings and through furniture.
  • Architectural detail.  Man, I'm loving those sawn balusters.  Just beautiful!  If we didn't already have wainscotting in our home, I'd really consider this.  I'd do it contrasted with a nice, dark gray wall.  If you're renovating, I'd definitely consider this look.

(via marthastewart.com)

Click here for more photos of this gorgeous space.

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