Monday, February 7, 2011

WHY IT WORKS - House Proud Worthy

Can I tell you how happy I am to have a design show on that I can watch EVERY day?  I love watching the Nate Berkus Show and never miss one.  I DVR all the episodes and one of my favorite things to do when everyone is sleeping is snuggling up with a blanket and watching 2-3 episodes at once!  Ahhh...

Our inspiration room this week is from one of my favorite segments, House Proud.  Check it out. 


  • Architectual details.  Jennifer, the home owner, added plain MDF boards to the wall behind her bed and it just elevates the whole room. 
  • Mix and Match.  I love the dark bed frame with the white night stands.  Doesn't it just make it more interesting?  Can you imagine the night stands in the same color?  It wouldn't be horrible, just a bit boring.
  • Mounted lighting.  The wall mounted lights on each side of the bed was such a nice choice.  They are practical and beautiful.  Look how nicely it just frees up space on the nightstands.   
  • Color.  LOVE the color palette.  Aqua blue, chartreuse, white and dark brown.  My favorite?  That gorgeous fabric that ties everything together.


  • Wall treatments.  Reconsider what you have going on with the wall behind your bed.  It's a natural focal point of the room, let's take advantage of it.  If it's a bit boring, there's a ton you can do to jazz it up like adding architectural detail like molding, hanging wallpaper, art work, photographs, or just painting it an accent color.
  • Mix and Match.  Use this principle in all areas of your home.  You do not need to buy whole suites or sets of furniture. Dressing your home is like dressing yourself.  You wouldn't want to wear a black 3 piece suit all the time.  It's not bad, but not very interesting either.   Sticking with pairs is a good idea though.
  • Color.  Paralyzed by color?  Look everywhere.  Fabric stores, paper stores, clothing stores, and nature.  What colors are you drawn to?  What colors make you happy?  Chances are you'll find a theme.  I like sticking to a limited palette of 3 -4 colors.
Click here to see more photos of Jennifer's gorgeous home.  I'm definitely saving several photos in my "inspiration" file.  :)

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