Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Table Lamp How To

Thanks for your great comments about my HEMNES shoe cabinet finale.  Here's a how-to for the lamp I made.

It started with these Meridian Lamps from Lights Up that I've admired for a long time.  I love the fabric choices and the soft glow that they give off.

They start at $100 and I just wasn't ready to make that investment, especially since I'd want to get 2 like in the photo.  So... I went to my local Joann Craft Store to see if I could find something I could do myself.  I was so excited when I found this kit by Conso.  It's about $20 and I had my 40% coupon!  Now what to cover it with?

The possibilites are endless.  Of course fabric, but I was really drawn to some papers I saw at Paper Source.  Paper Source is one of my favorite places for color and pattern inspiration.  Walking through there is like a candy store for me.  I really like the patterns on their own PS line of papers.  Check these out.

The actual steps to completing this project is very simple.  You just want to remove the paper covering the adhesive.  You can use the paper to measure and cut your paper/fabric to the right length.  Then you simply start at one end and start working your way around, being careful to stay straight and not to get too many air bubbles.  Thankfully the adhesive is quite forgiving.  Then, voila you're done! 

A few pointers:  It's probably easier to do this with fabric as the adhesive would be less sticky with fabric.  Also, if I were to do it again with paper, I'd use a piece of fabric and go around the adhesive first, just to remove some of the tackiness. 

Now, I have some of this fabric laying around... hmm.. this may be my next one.  :)


kristi said...

I love that you can customize these lamps. I may try one for little guys room! Thanks for the inspiration as always!

cwu said...

This is such a clever and creative way to personalize your tabletop without spending a ton of money. Love it!

FreestoneFam said...

Thank you for this idea! I have been trying to find a lamp like this for our nursery. This is perfect!


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