Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspirations for Boys' Rooms

I have 2 things to share with you today.  First, an inspiration board I put together for a friend's son's room.  We were going for a cool, hip vibe with the color inspirations being gray, orange, brown and touches of blue.  We were also very budget conscious, so many things came from IKEA.  Look below for all the details.

1.  Worldly Gray - Sherwin Williams
2.  Andrup Rug - IKEA
3.  Binth Alphabet Poster
4.  Paper Mache Letters - JoAnns
5.  Ekby Jarpen Shelf - IKEA
6.  Giraffe Print - Etsy shop:  Little Lion Studio
7.  Merete Curtains - IKEA
8.  Barometer Ceiling Light - IKEA
9.  MALM twin bed - IKEA
10.  Orange Ipod Pillow - Etsy Shop:  Craftsquatch
11.  4 unit EXPEDIT - IKEA
12.  Robo Bedding - Land of Nod
13.  FILLSTA Table Light - IKEA

Second, I'm so happy to share another friend's son's room that was featured on ohdeedoh last week!  Aya did such a good job injecting personality and style into her son's room on a budget.  Most of the room is decorated with thrift store finds, IKEA pieces and DIY projects.  Way to go Aya!  Click here to see more!

Hopefully these 2 rooms will help inspire your own boys' rooms!  We see so much stuff out there for girls, but there's just as many options for boys too!

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jmark said...

LOVE this. ;D Cathy, you really are gifted!


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