Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WHY IT WORKS - A Master Bedroom with a 4 Poster Bed

Sorry for the not so exciting title for this week's post. :) What I love about the design of this bedroom is simply that it looks un-designed. It looks as if it's been lovingly put together over time, with each piece carefully selected and edited.  This room was designed by Michael Penney, one of my favorite stylists from House and Home.


(via michaelpenneystyle.com)

  • The wallpaper.  I've said it before, wallpaper is back and behind the bed is the perfect spot for something bold.
  • The four poster bed.  Love this.  Especially in white, it doesn't feel heavy one bit.  It adds an architectural element in the room and really defines the space.
  • Taking risks in mixing patterns.  I really would not have thought the navy striped rug would work with the floral wallpaper, but it does.  Like I said, effortless style.  

  • Four Poster Bed.  Have you ever thought of having ones of these, but scared they would be too heavy or make a room feel small?  Well, here's proof that it can really work.  There are so many new homes that have huge master bedrooms that are hard to work with.  A 4 poster bed is the perfect solution.  And if you just love them , but are still scared... try it in white... it "almost" disappears, but not quite.  :)
  • White bedding.  Bedding is such an investment so if you want something that you won't ever regret, go with white with a texture or white with a border.  This one here works so well and is probably why the rug and walls go so well together. 
  • Underbed storage.  Here's a great example of maximizing storage under your bed in a nice, clean, and attractive way.  Here's a great option at West Elm.

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Avalyn said...

I always wanted a 4-poster bed with a frame like that but with lots of exotic fabrics hanging around it so when you climb into bed it's like you're in a tent.


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