Monday, May 2, 2011

WHY IT WORKS - A Fab. NYC Apartment

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the delay on our typical Monday WHY IT WORKS.  A little too much royal wedding and basking in the sun this weekend and not enough sleep.  :P    This week's photos comes from the blog, Dwellers Without Decorators.  Suze is selling her NYC apartment and it is absolutely gorgeous.  No joke!  This would be my fantasy NYC apartment!  Enjoy!


LIVING ROOM:   What caught my eye first were the simple white curtains.  It allows the background to recede and puts the focus on the graphic rug and dark sofas and accent chair.  I love the mix of light and dark in this space.  Also, great ideas for furniture placement.  I love the console table behind the couch and the long console table and oversized artwork in the dining space.

ENTRY:  I love everything about this little space.  You know how I feel about entries!  LOVE the use of color and the wainscoting!  The table and mirror are just perfect.  Again, wonderful use of light and dark and loving all the white furniture.  Classic and so versatile.  Not boring at all!

MUDROOM:  So practical and beautiful.  What great inspiration!  Love the hooks, baskets and oil cloth on the bench!

MASTER BEDROOM:  Again, so many sources of inspiration!  Love the use of all white - bedding, lamps, and tables.  Keeps everything crisp and tailored.  Nice pop of color on the wall art.  This would be easy to reinterpret for any space and budget.

BEDROOM:  Again, LOVING the bold use of color and the wainscoting.  All the white furniture again shows just how versatile white can be.  Notice how the books are arranged by color?  Nice.

 I hope you are thoroughly inspired!  Click here to see more photos of Suze's home.


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probably one of my favorite homes of all time. even more impressive after seeing it pre-renovation (http://www.raenovate.com/2010/06/suze-yalof-schwartzs-home.html)!


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