Monday, May 23, 2011

WHY IT WORKS - A Family Friendly Family Room

I love when good design gets real.  You know what I mean... when we see real people living in beautiful spaces.  Today's photo is from Emily Jones of Jones Design Company.  Her blog is truly one of my favorites.  I love her approach to design, life and faith.  Emily just did a  Q&A post and answerd all sorts of reader questions. Very informative and inspiring for me!  Check out her family room.  Can you believe this room meets the needs of a 4 kids running around? 


(via jonesdesigncompany.com)

  • Paint.  I'm a big advocate for paint, especially warm neutrals,  Colors that don't scream, "hey look at me" but rather, "come stay awhile".  The paint in this room really helps to make this room feel cozy, especialy given the high ceilings in this space.  The gray here is Slate by Restoration Hardware.
  • Storage.  The key to a beautiful space is an uncluttered space.  Stash, store and display.  Make sure you have plenty of open AND closed storage.  In this space, we see a beautiful chest of drawers, open shelves, woven baskets and I'm not sure, but may even a storage ottoman.
  • Seating.  Is there place for everyone to sit in your family.  If your family has 4 or 5 people, does each person have a cozy spot?  If not, consider adding floor pillows, ottomans or upholstered armchairs.

  • Chest of drawers.  I've grown to really love the look of a chest of drawers in a living room, entry or family.  It's unexpected and shows someone thinking out of the box and being creative with their space.  I'll be adding a chest of drawers to our family room very soon to store our craft supplies and coloring books.  I'll need to fix up our IKEA dresser first.  Pictures will be coming soon.
  • Area rugs.  Rugs make a HUGE difference in making a room feel cozy.  Even if you have wall to wall carpet and a rug may not seem practical, the feel it gives to a room is so worth it.  It defines a space, adds texture and pattern and helps a room feel layered, not just 1 dimensional.
  • Storage options.  In addition to basket and bins, opt for storage ottomans, coffee tables/ side tables with drawers.  Love these!  A great place to stash extra blankets, toys, magazines or for us, diapers and wipes.  Convenient, but hidden. 
Click here to see more photos of Emily's gorgeous home.

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